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The Healea Method The Proven Science to Creating Your Perfect Body

The Healea Method The Proven Science to Creating Your Perfect Body

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“Talk Is Cheap. The Proof Is In The Pudding” - Michael HealeaThis book is about Real People, With Real Results. The Healea Method is a proven method that WILL get you the results you have always dreamed of! If you are looking for the real truth to sculpting your body to perfection, then look no further. There are 6 key elements to sculpting the perfect physique:1. Mindset 2. Training design (Body Cculpting)3. Nutrition 4. Cardiovascular conditioning 5.Supplementation and hormones 6. Support system The Healea Method reveals everything you need to know in simple language. It also contains easy to follow programs that include nutrition, body sculpting, cardio fitness, heathy food plans, recipes, motivation and more.Learn the science behind the method that has changed thousands of physiques and lives around the world. About the Author Michael Healea is a world renowned physique competition coach and personal trainer. He has hundreds of physique transformations that include celebrities, bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and beauty pageant champions. With over 35 years experience in personal training and fitness, he has mastered the art of sculpting a perfectly aesthetic physique. He is a certified fitness nutritionist and personal trainer with over 30 certifications in different training modalities. With thousands of amazing transformations, his motto is: “Talk is cheap, the proof is in the pudding”.
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