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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

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It’s the Roaring twenties, and New York City is the place to be. Everything can be purchased, everyone can be bought. But, can you make money erase your past? It’s the Roaring twenties, and it is the time of over-indulgence. As far as the eyes can see and the mind can perceive, there are ostentatious displays of wealth and even more lavish displays of decadency. Unapologetic decadency. But, does it ever stop? It’s the Roaring twenties, and the great American dream has been perverted. It no longer stands for anything profound that resonates with people. But, does the idealism even attempt to stop the materialism? As more and more people lose themselves to the lure of money, ironically the only person who remains unaffected is Jay Gatsby, the enigmatic host of the most extravagant parties . . . This definitive tale on American culture, encased in an exquisite hardbound edition with gilded edges and beautiful endpapers, is an epic story that can only be defined as ‘a great American novel’.
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