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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

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The Hauntingly Prophetic Classic Novel Set In A Not-Too-Distant Future Where Books Are Burned By A Special Task Force Of Firemen. Over 1 Million Copies Sold In The Uk.Guy Montag Is A Fireman. His Job Is To Burn Books, Which Are Forbidden, Being The Source Of All Discord And Unhappiness. Even So, Montag Is Unhappy; There Is Discord In His Marriage. Are Books Hidden In His House? The Mechanical Hound Of The Fire Department, Armed With A Lethal Hypodermic, Escorted By Helicopters, Is Ready To Track Down Those Dissidents Who Defy Society To Preserve And Read Books. The Classic Novel Of A Post-Literate Future, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Stands Alongside Orwell’S ‘1984’ And Huxley’S ‘Brave New World’ As A Prophetic Account Of Western Civilization’S Enslavement By The Media, Drugs And Conformity. Bradbury’S Powerful And Poetic Prose Combines With Uncanny Insight Into The Potential Of Technology To Create A Novel Which Over Fifty Years From First Publication, Still Has The Power To Dazzle And Shock.
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